Castlespring Enterprises, Ltd. is a full-service product development and manufacturing company specializing in toys, games and related products. Based in Hong Kong, with easy access to premier manufacturing plants in China, Castlespring has brought to market a wide range of toys, both traditional and innovative, from the best names in the business, worldwide, since 1977.

Founder and managing director Angela Gardner is a fourth-generation Hong Kong native and second-generation toy manufacturer. She grew up in the business and started her career with her father’s company, Plastic Manufacturing Corporation, one of the pioneers of Hong Kong’s toy industry.

Castlespring’s engineers and design staff work with clients large and small to transform ideas into exceptional finished products in just a very short time frame. In addition to its primary focus on toys and games, Castlespring also develops and produces educational products and teaching aids.

Safety and quality are always concerns when manufacturing offshore. Castlespring not only requires the factories it uses to comply with industry and international standards, as required by top retailers, but the company also aligns with the high standards set by Hasbro, Inc, Disney and Toys R Us.  Castlespring quality managers regularly attend briefings on safety issues and testing technologies.

In Hong Kong, Castlespring’s team includes operations managers, quality inspectors, and mechanical, plastics, soft goods and sewing engineers. The staff covering China operations includes plastics engineers and highly trained quality inspectors located at the manufacturing facilities, who can respond quickly to any compliance issues. Factories are also audited regularly by representatives of client companies and the International Council of Toy Industries.

A respected member of the toy industry for more than 30 years, Castlespring shares clients’ commitment to safety, quality, value, and reliability, and has built long-term relationships with a wide range of highly successful toy companies and retailers throughout the world.

If you have an idea for a toy, electronic concept, board game, plush or other consumer product concept, Castlespring can transform your idea into an exceptional finished product in a competitive three to six months.

Angela grew up in the toy industry and began her career as Director of Sales for P.M.C.  P.M.C (Plastic Manufacturing Corporation) founded in the early 1950's by her father Frank Gardner, was one of Hong Kong's first toy factories. 

In 1977, she founded Castlespring Enterprises Ltd. Fluent in Cantonese and with a lifetime of experience and dedication to making superior product, she has built C.E.L into an exceptional global company and is recognized t
oday as one of the premier
manufacturers of OEM products.

Angela will work with you to ensure your product is manufactured with the utmost quality, cost competitive pricing and expedited delivery.

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